Hello! I’m Eric Tremblay, the owner and mechanic of OutSpokin Mobile Bike Works at your service. I aim to keep your bicycle running smoothly for a long time. I have had a lifelong passion and love for bicycles- maintaining, tinkering, repairing, and, of course, riding them. My passion started early in my life. I trained in road racing as a young man in Quebec. I spent years of repairing and assembling everything from no name to high end customized bicycles at George’s Cycle here in Edmonton. I worked minimum waged jobs to scrape money together to buy my two custom bicycles: my Ryffranck, and Ritchey, respectively road and mountain bikes, which I still to love to ride today. More recently, I worked as a mechanic for Revolution Cycle. On my off time, I volunteer and mentor for Edmonton Bicycle Commuters North Bike Works, The Spoke and You Can Ride programs. I have recently completed my Master Mechanic Certificate at Quadra Island-Professional Bike Mechanic School, to complement my many years of hands on work with bicycles. Yep, I live and breath bikes! 

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Edmonton, Alberta

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