About Outspokin

Hi there!  I'm Éric.





I'm the owner and mechanic of Outspokin Bike Works.

I pretty much live and breathe bikes, and I want to help Edmontonians enjoy their bikes to the fullest, just like I have mine!  That's why I started Outspokin Bike Works, a community-based full-service bike shop.  Need a repair, new parts, complete build, or just regular maintenance?  Contact us through this website, and we'll make sure you get the prompt, high quality service you need.  Our aim is to keep your bicycle running smoothly for a long time to come.

Read on if you'd like to know more about me!

What People Are Saying

I've had a lifelong passion and love for bicycles - maintaining, tinkering, repairing, and, of course, riding them. My passion started early in life:  I trained in road racing as a young man in Québec.  I spent years repairing and assembling everything from no name to high end customized bicycles at George’s Cycle here in Edmonton.  Working minimum wage jobs, I eventually scraped together enough money to buy my two custom bicycles, my Ryffranck and my Ritchey, which I still love to ride to this day!

In more recent years, I've: